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Dozens of useful (and useless) pieces of Sydney Information.:-)

Sydney's postcode is 2000, exactly the same number as the year it will host the Olympics.

Olympic Games
The cost of staging the Sydney 2000 Olympic games will be at least $5.2 billion, of which taxpayers will pay about please come to Sydney to help pay for them.

Olympic Stadium
The 110, 000 seat Sydney Olympic stadium is the largest ever built for an Olympic games. Four jumbo jets would fit side by side under the span of the main roof arch. Nearly 1 million masonry blocks and 90, 000 cubic meters of concrete will be used. The cost is $690 million ($569 million private and $121 million public). 1, 000 people are working on the Olympic site for up to 14 hours per day.

Olympic Tickets
Only 44 per cent of Australians are interested in attending the games, compared to 46 per cent who would watch at least one sport on television.

Sydney Sunshine
Sydney is without sunshine for only 23 days of the year.

Sydney Harbour
About half of Sydney Harbour has a depth of 9 metres or more at low water, with the maximum depth 24.4 metres at the harbour entrance.

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